Empowering women-led businesses with a 75% discount on all research services.

We are offering a huge discount on research services so you get the insights needed to make those informed decisions to keep up with your business goals.

Women-led businesses in Africa face unique challenges, including limited access to capital, market opportunities, and support networks.

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Despite these challenges, women-led businesses are essential to global economic growth, creating jobs and driving innovation.

According to research, Women make up 58% of Africa's self-employed population and contribute around 13% of the continent's GDP.

~ World Economic Forum

Less guesswork,
more customer-informed decisions

Identify your target market

Gain insights into your customer’s needs and preferences with user research. Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty with products and services tailored to fit their needs.

Refine your product offerings

With quick insights studies, you can quickly test new product ideas and get feedback from potential customers. This information can help you refine your product offerings and ensure that they meet the needs of your target market.

Improve your customer experience

By understanding your customers' pain points and challenges, you can improve your overall customer experience and build long-term relationships with your customers.
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Part of our mission at Kimoyo is empowering businesses and startups to make data-driven decisions

Take advantage of this opportunity to get valuable research insights at an affordable price as we help you learn about your customers.

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Kimoyo Insights has 30+ years of experience in consumer research for product teams in Africa and abroad.
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Diversified participant panel

We help businesses understand their African consumers by providing research services like participant recruitment for usability testing, user interviews, focus groups, and surveys.

Research methodologies

We also employ different research methods such as card sorting, heuristic evaluations, field studies, and unmoderated interviews to offer customers valuable insights.